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Materia 1

Decorative water based paint pearlescent/iridescent, with white floccules.

Materia 1™ easily ensures the best indoor glamorous decoration and wall effects.
Materia 1™ is a transpiring hydro painting made of extra high quality synthetic resins


Materia 1 color folder
Materia 1 data sheet
Materia 1 security sheet

Application video

Preparation of Materia 1™

1) Preparation of the base: apply Materia 1 on a surface painted with Base, colored with our system InTone Color System in 1 or 2 layers according to the quality of the base (previously diluted at 15%)

2) Materia 1™ setting method: use the fit brush, spread the product in alternate stretches on a surface of about 2 m2. After about 5 minutes smooth the previously applied product using the brush without paint. Continue this procedure until the work is finished.

Packaging: 2,5 liters buckets – Capacity: 20/25 m2 per bucket – Drying: superficial at touch after 2-3 hours – complete after 36/48 hours – Tools cleaning: with lukewarm water
COV content in the ready-for-use product <40 g/l