Materia products

Materia, simplicity is its characteristic.
Easy to apply and highly versatile,this decorative system is suitable for all types of interiors, from residential to professional.

Thanks to our coloring system InTone Color System, a simple system of 35 pre-dosed colored toners combined with our ready-to-use bases, it will be possible to have hundreds of decorative effects available with a minimum amount of goods in stock.

Discover all our combinations…

Materia Pro products

Materia Pro, high quality raw materials for the most demanding professionals.

Products designed for professionals in the decorative sector always keeping the focus on ease of application and minimum amount of storage.

Materia Organic products

The characteristics of Materia Pro Organic are many.

In addition to a high ease of application and workability due to its elasticity and plasticity, it allows infinite types of finishes, textured, in relief or smooth, dictated by the skill of the applicator.

Application for experts.