Materia 2

Decorative water based paint, metallic, velvet effect.

Materia 2™ is an eco-friendly decorative hydro painting.
Materia 2™ is a washable product. That contains special additives, they creates a metallic effect on the painted surfaces. Tiny particles are spread during the application and ensure special effects of lights and shapes.


Materia 2 color folder
Materia 2 data sheet
Materia 2 security sheet

Application video

Preparation of Materia 2™

Materia 2™ has to be painted with intone color system, in the preferred nuance.
The toners chosen in the range intone color system have to be mixed with Materia 2™ using a putty knife or a spoon, to obtain a perfectly homogeneous hue, avoiding damaging the chemical-physical consistency of the product.

1) Decorate a surface prepared with Base™ applied in 2 layers and diluted at 15%.

2) Apply using the fit brush, with alternated stretches on a surface of about 2 m2.

3) The typical dark-light effect may be obtained passing the brush on the decoration without colour after few minutes, to orient the metalized effect that will create the drawing.

4) It is furthermore possible to enhance the dark-light decoration, smoothing the applied product with the special squeegee, after 3 / 4 minutes. Continue decorating the wall following the same procedure.

Packaging: 2,5 liters buckets – Capacity: 15-18 m2 – Drying: superficial at touch after 2-3 hours – complete after 36/48 hours – Tools cleaning: lukewarm water
COV content in the ready-for-use product <40 g/l


The colors are indicative.
Discover the full color range by downloading the color chart.