Materia 4

Decorative water based paint, luminescent.

Materia 4™ is a decorative painting based on the water dispersion of a fully eco-friendly acrylic resin with zero V.O.C. emissions. The unique features of MATERIA 4 are: easy application, hight yield and the gloving elements that appear as soon as the product has dried.


Materia 4 data sheet
Materia 4 security sheet

Application video

Preparation of Materia 4™

Materia 4 very easy to apply, needs our Materia Base white coat, to prepare the wall for the decoration.

Before Materia 4 application, Materia Base white coat must be completely dried.

Pour the selected Toner in Materia 4, then accurately mix with a spatula or a mechanical mixer, until a complete colour homogeneity is obtained.

The decoration can be performed by using a small brush, with alternate and crossed – hatch strokes, by perfectly applying the paint to avoid possible lumps. Decorate the wall without discontinuances and restarts, and avoid, if possible, to apply a second coat where already painted.

Packaging: 2.5 litres buckets – Yield: 15-18 m2 – Drying: Superficial at touch: 2-3 hours – complete: 36-48 hours – Tools cleaning: Lukewarm water
VOC content in the product ready for use: <40 gr/lt.