Materia Pro Effects

Is a decorative product characterized by its unique light-shadow effects. Its gold, silver and bronze tones produce results that are both elegant and full of charm. Easy to apply, no special precautions are required.


Application video

Find out how to apply

Prepare the surface by applying a coat of Materia Pro Fondo.

Gently mix the chosen base without the use of mechanical tools. Using a stainless steel spatula and with light pressure apply the product onto a dry surface. Smooth over carefully several times. Wait 8 hours and then apply a second coat smoothing over immediately and constantly changing the direction in which the product is applied. This will produce a design which is decorative, complex and rich in depth.

Wash tools immediately with warm water after use.

Temperature application range: from +10 ° C to +40 ° C – Storage Temperature: from +10 ° C to +25 ° C – Shelf life: in cool, dry environment and into sealed packaging for at least 12 months. – Dilution: Ready for use – Drying time: 4 hours, dry to the touch – Rendering : 10 m2– Packaging: 2,5 l.


The three bases are ready for use