Materia Pro Marmorino

Is used on any surface that has previously been well prepared; it can be used indoor and outdoor. Is formed of selected marble powders, lime and additives that make it very workable, it has also got an excellent support grip.


Application video

Find out how to apply

After properly preparing the base apply one first layer of Materia Pro Marmorino a steel trowel, let the surface dry well and after 16 hours apply another layer. Then compact the material to obtain a very smooth surface. During the hottest months we suggest to wet the base with water.

In order to protect the product and make it water resistant, after 10 days use a hydrosilonic product like InTone Protect.

Capacity: varied ca. 13 m2. Physical status: powder. Specific weight: 1,9 kg/lt. Drying time: variable. Granulometry: from 0,5 to 0,8 mm.