Materia Pro Stukko

Materia Pro Stukko is made of lime and micro-selected marble powders.
Thanks to its special natural ingredients, Materia Pro Stukko has got a great breath ability and alkali resistance. Materia Pro Stukko can be applied on any types of surfaces.


Application video

Find out how to apply

Mix Materia Pro Stukko with InTone Color System by choosing the desired color tone from our color chart.

Add: 1 Toner every 6 Kg – 4 Toner in 24 Kg.

Mix with a mechanical whip until mixture is homogeneous and uniform.

Apply the first layer of Materia Pro Stukko with a steel trowel. After 12 hours (according to the temperature) apply the second layer. Then, after 1 hour apply the top coat in order to have the desired effect (the more you smooth Materia Pro Stukko, the more it gets shiny).
Wait until it is dry, then apply Materia Pro Cera Protect.

Packaging: 6 Kg – 24 Kg – Rendering: about 7/8 m2 – 25/30 m2 – Specific Weight: ~ 1.500 Kg / l – Applied on any type of surface.


The colors are indicative.
Discover the full color range by downloading the color chart.