Materia Pro Travertino in Paste

Materia Pro Travertino in Paste is a product composed of particular marble powders, of different grain sizes, lime putty and other special additives to facilitate anchoring on any type of support; is a highly breathable mineral smoothing compound for interiors and exteriors specifically designed to obtain a satin finish.

Application Video

Find out how to apply


Mix the paste well with the help of a mixer drill, without adding any water.

Base preparation and application cycles

After the base preparation (brushing, scraping and acrylic insulation) apply Materia Pro Travertino in Paste. Use a steel trowel by spreading smoothly as it was a plaster, making 2 mm depths. Pay attention to the paste smoothness because a good result can be obtained already with the first application.
After at least 24 hours apply the second layer using a trowel making a thinner layer: just make a soft pressure. Right away after, (one person spreads the product and another one smooths it), level the surface with a steel clean trowel. As the product dries, increase the pressure of the application. If done in the right moment, Materia Pro Travertino in Paste increases its shiny effect.
If the weather is hot or in case of wide dimensions of the facade, wet the product with a water spray. If the application is outdoor, during very humid days, protect the wall for at least 3 days. The color of Materia Pro Travertino in Paste is natural that takes the hue of marble dust.
Indoors, to obtain more protection and shine, it can be treated with Materia Pro Cera Protect. Outdoors, to reduce the wet effect, you can apply after at least 10 days, Materia Pro Mirror.

In order to protect the product and make it water resistant, after 10 days apply Materia Pro Cera Protect.

Yield: 1,8 kg/m2