Materia 7

Decorative water based paint, matt, smooth.

Materia 7 is a new water based interior decoration. The choice of using natural, warm and enchanting colors creates a decorative effect that is not too flashy, slightly velvety to the touch, which recalls the stone effect.


Application Video

Preparation of Materia 7™

1) Preparation of the base: apply Materia 7 on a surface painted with Base, extra white, in 1 or 2 layers according to the quality of the base (previously diluted at 15%)

2) Choose the desired colour among the intone colour system available nuances. Accurately mix the Toners (use the number indicated in the catalogue to obtain the desired chromatic effect), in the finishing Materia 7 using a putty knife or a spoon.

3) Materia 7™ setting method: use the fit brush, spread the product in alternate stretches on a surface of about 2 m2. After about 5 minutes smooth the previously applied product using the brush without paint. Continue this procedure until the work is finished.

Packaging: 2,5 liters buckets – Capacity: 10-12 m2 per bucket – Drying: superficial at touch after 2-3 hours – complete after 36/48 hours – Tools cleaning: with lukewarm water

COV content in the ready-for-use product <40 g/l